December 11, 2006
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NATD in the news



NATD in the news

Veramark wins major TEM contract worth over $4 million
Veramark Technologies, Inc. announced that it has signed a contract to provide Telecommunications Expense Management services (TEM) to a large national retail chain with over 17,000 wireless devices, several hundred thousand lines, and a spend of over $150 million for telecom services. The contract has a term of 36 months and an expected value of over $2 million for the first 18 months, after which it may be cancelled with the option to license Veramark's Enterprise software suite, VeraSMART. If continued for the additional 18 months of the contract, the total expected value will be over $4 million. Veramark's Enterprise software suite, VeraSMART, is an integral component of this TEM solution. Veramark will use the VeraSMART Invoice and Work Order Management modules to process and manage over 1,500 invoices each month. VeraSMART's Asset Management module will be used to track and manage cable and other telecommunication assets. Additionally, VeraSMART's Directory, Allocation, Online Ticket Manager, Call Accounting and Online Directory modules complete this extensive facilities management solution.
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Avaya, Cisco lead IP phone, IP PBX market
Enterprise VoIP quarterly update published by iLocus, a market research firm dedicated to the VoIP industry, reveals that Avaya and Cisco emerged as the clear leaders in the enterprise IP telephony market in Q3 2006. Cisco leads the desktop IP phone market while Avaya leads the IP PBX market. Spectralink continues to maintain its leadership in the single mode VoIP over Wi-Fi handset business. Spectralink’s leadership has mainly to do with the business that the vendor does through OEM channels like Avaya, Intertel, NEC, Alcatel and Siemens. In Q3 2006, Spectralink branded handsets shipments were less as compared to Cisco handset shipments. Q3 2006 saw vendors shipping a total of about 4.2 million IP PBX end user licenses. According to the report, an estimated 2.3 million desktop IP phones were shipped in the quarter. Cisco leads the market with a share of 44%. The report also estimates market size and market shares in segments including Enterprise VoIP Gateways, Voice-enabled 802.11 Chipsets, VoIP-over-WiFi Handsets, and ATAs.
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The FLAG: EU & International news

CTDI expands global service portfolio
Communications Test Design, Inc. (CTDI), the largest independent global telecommunications repair and logistics provider, reports a record pace for growth from late 2000 through Q4 2006 as a result of focused global efforts on new business development, and the addition of new facilities in India, Brazil and Mexico. According to David Burt, vice president for International Services at CTDI, the new international facilities are the result of targeting significant strategic growth in the areas of repair, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing services. A new 50,000-square-foot Strategic Repair and Logistics Center (SRC) was constructed in Juarez, Mexico to accommodate high volume repairs and to offer CTDI’s customers in North America a low-cost repair option. CTDI India, located in the New Delhi suburb of Gurgaon, began its operation with the repair of power supply products at its 3,000-square-foot facility, and recently secured repair contracts with two major OEMs for the local test and repair of long-haul optical product and wireless base station equipment. Incorporated in August 2006, CTDI do Brasil, a 13,000-square-foot facility located in Campinas, Sao Paulo, offers in-region repair, warehousing and distribution services. Within two months of opening, CTDI do Brasil has been awarded contracts from two major OEMs for the repair of enterprise products, access technology and wireless base station equipment.

Dell’Oro Group reports increased demand for IP PBXs
A recently published report from Dell'Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries, indicates that IP PBX market revenues grew 10 percent in the third quarter and will be the fastest growing market segment during 2007 when IP PBX revenues are projected to surpass those of Traditional PBX and Key. The report also reveals that enterprise PBX market revenues climbed 9 percent over the same quarter a year ago partly on strong sales in Europe. During the recent quarter, Avaya and Cisco both exceeded 17 percent line shipment growth in Europe as they continued to expand their presence in the region.
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VoIP for iSeries now available
IBM is now offering VoIP software from 3Com on its System i servers. The product allows end users to run all their VoIP services on one server rather than having separate IP telephony functions -- such as call forwarding and conferencing -- on separate machines. The 3Com software runs on a Linux partition built on Red Hat on the System i server, and users can either buy a new machine bundled with the applications or pay for the software on their existing System i. The server will run 3Com's VCX software, which is built on session initiated protocol (SIP) and can manage all the VoIP telephone services. It will run on a Linux partition on the System i, but users don't have to worry about licensing for the operating system because that is taken care of through IBM and the 3Com software. To adopt the VoIP service on the System i, users must allow IBM to come in and assess their network and hardware to make sure it can handle the workloads, as well as install the software and check up on its progress once implemented. These services are included in the starting cost of $37,900. That price includes an i520, the 3Com software, the services and licenses for 100 handsets and four gateway licenses, such as for fax machines.

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Business and consumer IP phone markets will accelerate by 2008
The mass migration to IP-based services is finally happening in both the business and consumer markets. Even though the adoption of IP phones is currently lagging, reports In-Stat, the growth of IP phones will accelerate significantly beginning in 2008, the high-tech market research firm says. Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Total IP phone annual shipments will grow from 10 million units in 2006 to 164 million units in 2010.

  • Only 40% of IP PBX seats are currently configured with IP phones.

The research, “IP Phones Invade the Home and Office,” covers the market for business and consumer IP corded, cordless (DECT), Wi-Fi, and cellular/Wi-Fi phones. It addresses the current market for dedicated IP-PBX desk sets, and the impact of trends toward wireless and mobility. Five-year shipment and revenue forecasts are presented for each of the four IP phone categories.
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St. Louis Public Schools builds future with Mitel
Mitel announced that it has teamed up with St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) to supply the widespread school district with communications solutions to support the education of full-time students, students with special needs, and those who require education-on-demand. SLPS is comprised of 94 individual schools ranging from K-12, including three special schools for students with disabilities and one facility designed to prepare students with special needs to enter the world of adulthood and employment. Because so many schools are involved over a wide area encompassing a number of different area codes, one hurdle to overcome is enabling parents to call a single phone number from anywhere regardless of who they’re trying to reach. Mitel Unified Communications, Mitel’s flagship 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) with embedded Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Auto Attendant, and IP phones will make this possible. ACD is an advanced feature package that: provides the capabilities for quickly routing calls; queues and prioritizes calls; improves service by delivering consistent process and service; distributes calls based on the caller’s need; and reduces overall costs, among other benefits.
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NEC selected as Super 3G handset vendor for NTT DoCoMo
NEC will develop equipment for Super 3G handsets following a request for proposal from NTT DoCoMo. NEC plans to deliver commercial Super 3G mobile handsets in 2010 to NTT DoCoMo.  The Super 3G standard is expected to provide super fast downlink data rates of over 100Mbps and uplink data rates of over 50Mbps, low-latency data transmission and improved spectrum efficiency. Super 3G features highly advanced versions of high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) and high-speed uplink packet access (HSUPA), which are W-CDMA packet transmission technologies standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). The 3GPP, a telecommunications standards body, has been in discussion to standardize Super 3G under the name Long Term Evolution (LTE). The 3GPP plans to release LTE's final specifications in 2007, but has completed most of the basic system designs. Aiming to complete the development of a communication platform to realize the Super 3G mobile handsets within 2009, NEC, together with Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. and Fujitsu Limited, will actively promote development efforts.
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ITPC to improve communications across Iraq with Nortel optical solution
Iraq Telecommunications & Post Corporation (ITPC), Iraq's sole fixed-line operator, has awarded Nortel a US$20 million contract to build a nationwide optical backbone to deliver high-quality high-bandwidth data, video and multimedia services for personal and business communications. Nortel was selected by ITPC as the prime contractor for the Iraq national optical backbone following a public tender process. The new network will link to the ITPC's Iraq South Ring DWDM network - built by Nortel in 2004 as part of the US aid-funded Iraq reconstruction programme. The network delivers broadband optical services between Baghdad and Basra. Under the terms of the contract, Nortel will supply a national optical backbone network that covers a distance of 5000 kilometers and includes 35 major cities. The network will be constructed using Nortel's next generation DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) solution including Common Photonic Layer (CPL), Optical Multiservice Edge (OME) 6500 terminals with electronic dispersion management technology and Optical Network Manager for simplifying field operations. The resilient network comprises seven interlocking rings providing a bandwidth capacity of up to 160Gbp/s per ring.
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Siemens integrates HiPath Wireless Manager with Microsoft’s Network Access Protection to heighten mobile security
Siemens Communications, Inc. announced that it has successfully integrated its HiPath Wireless Manager with Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP) platform so companies can now monitor and enforce security policy and access control for mobile users who connect through a wireless network. Siemens provides integration with Microsoft’s NAP platform through the Open Services Framework introduced as part of HiPath Wireless Manager. Network Access Protection is a policy enforcement technology built into the Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn” operating systems that allows customers to better protect network assets from unhealthy computers by enforcing compliance with network health policies. Microsoft’s NAP technology will be publicly available with Beta 2 of Windows Vista, and available to select partners and customers with Beta 2 of the future version of Windows Server, codename “Longhorn.” Integrating HiPath Wireless Manager with Microsoft’s Network Access Protection platform means IT managers can avoid duplicating their network security infrastructure for wireless users.
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Forsythe Solutions Group: Avoid year-end budgeting woes with wise IT acquisition decisions
It’s crunch time again.  As 2006 winds down, CFOs and CIOs are working feverishly to make sure they are fully utilizing their 2006 funding.  Yet, many executives are faced with a quandary.  For some, capital budgets have already been spent and IT projects tabled for new initiatives.  Others need to spend remaining money now or risk losing it from next year’s budget, but are concerned about how to move forward. John Carcone, senior vice president of financial services for Forsythe Solutions Group, has counseled scores of senior financial and technology executives on how to make the most of their IT investment.  Read his description of a number of common 4Q budgeting issues and his practical tips on how leasing can offer solutions. 
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Ship with CTS - Now a member of World Cargo Alliance Computer Transportation Services, Ltd. is now a member of World Cargo Alliance, Inc. WCA is the world’s largest network of independent air and ocean forwarders in the world and was established in 1998 with no freight forwarders in ownership, thus preserving group neutrality and ensuring equal benefits for all members. Visit our innovative Ballpark Rates -, the instant online transportation rating program for blanket-wrap trucking, economy motor freight and time definite air freight services. Call 1-800-831-0030 or email Todd Partridge, [email protected] for more information.


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DecisionOne announces NATD partner program
Grow your revenue by expanding your technical support service offering with DecisionOne as the single point of contact for all your customers' technology challenges. For more information, email [email protected] or call 1-800-767-2876, ext. 6641 today.


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Veramark releases online directory for eCAS
eCAS call accounting has long led the industry in power, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Online Directory continues this tradition by allowing employees corporate-wide browser access to key contact and personnel information contained in your corporate directory. Moreover, available content can be filtered, displayed and sorted by individual user. For more information call (585) 383-6806.
Contact: Linda Cordovano
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Trade in special for NATD members! It's time to upgrade your customers voice mail system with voice and fax unified messaging by DuVoice! DuVoice is offering a $300.00 trade credit or rebate to any NATD member who purchases a DuVoice messaging system to replace any of the following voice mail systems: Audix, Octel, Amanda, Active Voice, Call Express, Keyvoice, Centigram or Innovations during May and June. Reseller price for a DV4 4 port 2000 hour 225 mailbox system with voice and fax unified messaging and 15 month warranty/ support package is $2,400.00, which includes the Windows XP Pro PC. Integrations to most PBX systems are available.
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Your customers can now get a $50 rebate with the purchase of any Plantronics wireless office headset system with lifter when they send in their old office headset (or a $25 rebate if they do not send in a headset). You can e-mail them TODAY with this exciting new offer and help them cut the cord.
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