January 14, 2008
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FEBRUARY 20 - 23, 2008
NATD Winter Conference in Miami, Florida

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JUNE 26 - 27, 2008
Annual European Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland

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NATD in the news

Ethics complaint filed
Randy Russo of Sotel Systems (314-787-1800), an NATD Member, filed an ethics complaint against Vince Wertz (317-222-1945) Wholesale Communications Group of Fishers, IN. The NATD Ethics Committee determined that the charges against Wholesale Communications Group did constitute a violation of the NATD Code of Ethics and therefore issued a Level 3 Sanction.

Details on the NATD Ethics process may be found at http://www.natd.com/public/pages/codeofethics.asp

If you have any questions regarding the details of this complaint, please contact one of the parties involved.

NATD Members and NTTN Subscribers can find a list of Companies in violation of the NATD Code of Ethics and a list of Companies who have not participated in the NATD Ethics process by going to www.natd.com, signing on with your email and password. You will see a link in the middle of the page after you sign in for:
Ethics Violators <http://www.natd.com/members/ethics/violations.asp>
Ethics  Non-Participants <http://www.natd.com/members/ethics/nonpart.asp>
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Avaya says iPhone is ready for business
Avaya claims it has turned the iPhone into a viable business tool by porting its one-X Mobile client onto it. The software will turn an iPhone into a "personal remote control for enterprise comms," the company said, with conference calling, call transfer, shortcode dialing and calls routed through the corporate PBX. Users will also be able to set call handling rules based on factors such as their GPS location and the time of day, view corporate voicemail visually, and switch from iPhone to deskphone in mid-call at the press of a button. The addition of iPhone support - one-X Mobile already supported Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Palm - reflects the trend for people to buy their own mobile devices and expect to be able to use them at work, while at the same time companies want to save costs by taking control of mobile phone usage in the office. Avaya said it has no plans to offer an iPhone equivalent of one-X Mobile Dual Mode, which is its voice over WiFi software for Nokia's E-series handsets. So while companies could still win many of the benefits of unified communications, they won't be able to cut O2 out of the loop as much as they might like.
Visit www.avaya.com.
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Call center

Telrex announces affordable computer activity monitoring for formal and informal call centers
Telrex announced CallRex Multi-Media Release 3.7 optimized for formal and informal call centers. CallRex Multi-Media software provides live monitoring of employees’ computer screens, records screenshots, logs web activity, tracks emails sent and received, and provides comprehensive reporting on individuals and groups.  CallRex Multi-Media Release 3.7 features improved desktop computer live monitoring and screenshot recording, enhanced email support, and enhanced tracking of both browser-based applications and Internet activity on Internet Explorer 7.0.  CallRex Multi-Media, an integrated companion module to CallRex Professional IP call recording and monitoring software, is designed for managers who train employees, monitor performance and provide insight into customer interactions. 
Visit www.telrex.com.
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CTCA Spring Conference
Canada’s leading information technology event, IT360 Conference & Expo, and the Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association (CTCA) announce that the CTCA Spring Conference 2008 will be hosted by IT360 in Toronto, April 7-9 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The CTCA is Canada’s only professional association of independent telecommunications consultants.  Their services are increasing in demand as Unified Communications have strengthened in the marketplace.  The CTCA Spring Conference is the premier event for bringing together CTCA members and those interested in Unified Communications.
Visit www.ctca.ca or www.it360.ca.
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Cisco evolves senior technology leadership team
Cisco has announced the resignation of Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer Charles Giancarlo, 50, who has decided to pursue new professional opportunities. Earlier this month, under Giancarlo's leadership, Cisco reorganized its Development Organization and established the Development Council, chartered with driving Cisco's effectiveness and ability to deliver more focused and integrated products and solutions to its customers. The Development Council, comprised of seven key technology leaders, will collectively drive Cisco's development efforts and initiatives in technology development that are key to Cisco's growth strategy. The Development Council will report directly to Chairman and CEO John Chambers and will be responsible for the overall engineering, product and technology strategy for the company and executing against Cisco's technology goals and priorities.
Visit www.cisco.com.
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Market news

DSL port shipments down 9% in 3Q07
According to Infonetics Research's latest "Broadband Aggregation Hardware and Subscribers" report, worldwide DSL port shipments are down 9% in 3Q07 from the previous quarter, and overall broadband aggregation hardware revenue is down 12% to $1.4 billion. North America is the only region that saw growth in DSL port shipments, up 14%, the report shows. Other report highlights:

  • IP DSLAM deployments continue to accelerate, although experiencing some softness in 3Q07; VDSL ports on IP DSLAMs jumped 46% in 3Q07, as providers around the world upgrade their networks to deliver new IP services such as VPNs, VoIP and IPTV

  • The number of worldwide DSL subscribers are forecast to grow steadily each year through 2010, when it will top 318 million, despite DSL network rollout slow downs

  • Alcatel-Lucent continues to lead the worldwide broadband aggregation market, holding the #1 position in DSLAMs in all regions except APAC, where Huawei remains the leader

  • Nearly 3/4 of all broadband aggregation hardware revenue hails from EMEA and Asia Pacific together

Visit www.infonetics.com.
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NEC extends UNIVERGE Solutions Partner Program with two leading technology developers
NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. announced the addition of two leading business productivity solution providers to its global UNIVERGE Solutions Partner Program. TeleDirect International, Inc. (formerly Wygant Scientific) and TriVium Systems, Inc. are the most recent to successfully complete UNIVERGE compatibility testing and leverage NEC’s telecommunications resources and join more than 600 global NEC partners in the development of customized applications and business solutions. Through the UNIVERGE Solutions Partner Program, NEC proactively works with third-party suppliers, OEMs and developers to tailor products and services to meet enterprise and SMB customers’ needs. In addition, participants have access to NEC global telecommunications resources, including the UNIVERGE OW5000 platform. This platform promotes interoperability with NEC products and systems, allowing participants to develop and integrate with third-party applications. Visit http://www.necunifiedsolutions.com/main/Partners/ParPartnersMain.asp.

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Nortel cuts the painful cost of conferencing
Businesses tired of grappling sky-high outsourced conferencing bills can now rein in those expenses – and watch employee productivity soar – through an in-house Nortel audio-and-video solution that makes anytime, anywhere collaboration simple.  By giving every employee access to their own always-open desktop conference room, workers can quickly connect with anyone, anywhere in the world without the hassle of making a reservation.  Multimedia Conferencing 5.0, the newest product in Nortel’s Unified Communications portfolio, cuts costs dramatically by eliminating third-party conference operator fees, which can range from 3 cents to 20 cents per minute.  With Nortel’s latest solution, companies can expect full payback in as few as six to 24 months.  Multimedia Conferencing 5.0 is highly scalable and fully integrated with Nortel’s flagship Communication Server 1000 as well as Microsoft’s Live Communications Server 2005 and Office Communicator 2005.  Integration with Microsoft’s Office Communications Server 2007 is expected in the first quarter of 2008.
Visit www.nortel.com.
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Avaya solutions attain “SIPconnect Compliant” certification
Intelligent communications solutions from Avaya Inc. attained SIPconnect Compliant certification from the SIP Forum, a leading independent IP communications industry association comprised of individuals and companies who contribute to the development of global IP communications based on the SIP standard. SIPconnect certification provides enterprise customers with validation that Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya SIP Enablement Services achieved SIPconnect compliance for SIP trunking. Avaya also supports SIP throughout its portfolio, including Avaya Distributed Office, a communications platform for branch offices;  Avaya IP Office, a converged voice and data system for small and medium businesses; Avaya Call Center; and the Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition 9600 series with built-in SIP capabilities. Recently introduced by the SIP Forum, the SIPconnect Compliant program was created to help validate and ensure multimedia communication interoperability among IP communications equipment manufacturers, software providers and service providers, as well as to promote further adoption of SIP as the standard for IP-based communications. Avaya is a founding member of the SIPConnect program.
Visit www.sipforum.org.
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TECHtionary announces Virtual OCS Labs
TECHtionary.com announced Virtual OCS Labs, its hands-on online sequel to its highly successful OCS-Office Communications Server Essentials 101-Introduction and 201-Complete courses.  Virtual OCS Labs provides the means for customers to “get OCS smart” from their own location with the benefit of an “over the shoulder” instructor online remotely in real-time via webseminar or, optionally, instructor onsite.  Virtual OCS Labs is an advanced technical and operational guide to Microsoft OCS-Office Communications Server/Communicator also available as a companion to the classroom (onsite) formats of three-five (3-5) days, online or custom version courses.  These courses are designed to help enterprise technical-executive managers, channel partners and others better understand installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting of Microsoft’s OCS-Office Communications Server.  
Visit www.techtionary.com.
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INNUA IP Telephony e-Learning Package
Sign up today for the INNUA IP Telephony e-Learning Package! Enhance your professional development with a specialized IPT course package that meets your career needs and guides you on the path to becoming a Nortel Certified Technology Specialist.
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Tenor Switches and Gateways offer intelligent VoIP switching solutions for SMEs, branch offices and service providers offering VoIP to customer premises. Tenors offer multiple configurations for any business VoIP infrastructure requirements and support easy, transparent deployment in existing networks for a lower TCO.
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DecisionOne - www.decisionone.com

DecisionOne announces NATD partner program
Grow your revenue by expanding your technical support service offering with DecisionOne as the single point of contact for all your customers' technology challenges.
For more information, email [email protected] or call 1-800-767-2876, ext. 6641 today.


Veramark - www.veramark.com

New eCAS 5.0 Call Accounting Software Release
Featuring an innovative new look, eCAS® 5.0 streamlines the user operation with an advanced interface and increased functionality. Colorful user-definable dashboards display and provide real-time charting of calls by hour, personnel, and extension. Increased reporting flexibility is achieved with dynamic 3D report graphics, floating column headers, versatile ASCII export capabilities, and a new DNIS report. In addition, users can now assign multiple charge codes and override international rates. Rounding out the new product features, eCAS 5.0 offers an improved and simplified installation process, allowing users to download upgrades via the Web.
Phone: 585.383.6806
Fax: 585.383.6800

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Refurb Supplies

Tale of a Nortel M-Series Housing:
The problem solvers at
Refurb Supplies,
Have developed new housings  
Each just the right size. 
Wait 'til you see them
They're coming your way.
No trimming or clipping is needed. 
M7208 and M7310 now available!
Call for samples!
Contact: Lisa Peterson
Phone: 866-789-5656
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New! Multi-Tech’s CallFinder GSM and CallFinder CDMA cellular gateways route incoming and outgoing fixed line calls through lower cost wireless networks providing a substantial savings in overall telephone costs. Take advantage today and bridge your company phone system to the cellular network with our affordable solution.
Sales Contact: Scott Stroyny
Phone: 888-288-5470 x5402
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Are you paying too much for replacement telephone parts?  You are if you're not buying from Panaseas.  We are the manufacturer of most parts we sell.  You can't get any cheaper than going direct to the manufacturer.  Save money and give us a call.  We are here to help.  We sell handsets, cords, plastic parts, and just about everything you need for a telephone. 
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