July 28, 2008

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OCTOBER 2, 2008
Regional Midwest Meeting
The Loon Cafe - Minneapolis, Minnesota

OCTOBER 23, 2008

Northeast Regional Meeting
Carmine's Restaurant - New York City, NY

JANUARY 21 - 24, 2009
Annual USA Conference in San Diego, California
Registration now available.

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From the Executive Director
Meet the new members
PBX market


From the Executive Director

Back from Scotland (with pictures to prove it!)

The NATD has truly become an international organization.  I just got back from the NATD Annual Meeting in Europe and it was a TOTAL success!

NATD Europe is off and running.  Attendance at this meeting was light, due to the lack of Americans who were there.  I was worried about that fact as I boarded the plane in Miami for the long flight to Scotland.  Boy was I wrong! NATD Europe has taken on a life on its own.  Our European members know what they want from the NATD and are showing that they are willing to put the effort into "making it happen!"  They want the NATD to provide a forum for networking with other telecom dealers and provide educational sessions which enable them to share ideas in order to navigate through these economic times.  (Sounds a lot like what our American members want too!)

The first day featured a "Networking Day" in which we all spent some time getting to know each other.  Golf, skeet shooting and a spa were the order of the day.  Tired as we were when we finished the day, we all stuck together and went out to enjoy the Edinburgh pubs.  I think we finished up about 3 AM. The goal for day one- Networking. The outcome- A Success!

As late as the first day ended, day two was still jam packed with 100% attendance.  We featured a great speaker who got us all to share ideas as to what is working in our businesses and gave us some ideas as to how to do things better.  The goal for day two- Education and the Sharing of ideas.  The outcome- A Success!

I have heard back from almost all of the Scotland attendees.  One non-member told me that they have done about "5 deals" as a result of the meeting and they now want to join NATD.  Another told me that the ideas they learned on day two have already made some positive changes at their company.  

Please don't get me wrong about the "lack of Americans" who attended. Although we all missed seeing some of our old friends, it did not detract from the meeting.  There were a hand full of Americans who were there and they tell me that they are doing good business with fellow members in Europe, and this helps us all.  American dealers who choose not to do business directly with Europe still benefit from the expanded market because our members who are dealing in Europe are buying from them.  Also, the expanded demand for US goods keeps prices a little bit higher. So the NATD focus on Europe expands the market for us all.

I can't encourage you enough to consider coming to the next NATD Meeting in Europe. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at NATD Scotland for yourself at:

http://www.natd.com/public/natdscotlandpics/natdscotlandPICTURES2008.htm (Click on the links on the left hand column to see each picture.)

Joe Marion

P.S.  Thank you Melody McKay, Nigel Skinner, Hans Cats, John Negri and Brian Kiep for all of your hard work in making this meeting as great as it was. (There are a whole lot more but too many to mention!)

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Meet the new members

We welcome the following companies, voted in as new members in June:
Albatros Holland – Stephan Rampollo
Featurecom Inc. – Steve Geraci
Mokan Communications Supply Inc. – Shawn Nye
Novus, LLC – Ted Estwan
Phybridge Inc. – Will Harris
Skyworks Inc. – Alicia Chong Gillis
Telecom Express Inc. – Brent Whittington
Teleman Systems Inc. – Sal Jaffer

Formed in early 2007, Phybridge is a privately owned manufacturer of risk-free IP Telephony deployment infrastructure. The company brings practical innovations to market that provide organizations with an easier way to deploy and manage their converged networks. The company’s UniPhyer deployment technology makes any IP PBX (including Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Shoretel, Mitel, Siemens, etc.) into a simple PoE enabled risk-free, plug-and-play installation. By using the UniPhyer, an organization can realize the potential of IP Telephony without expensive and time consuming LAN assessments and upgrades. "The UniPhyer instantly provides a PVN (Parallel Voice Network) with a dedicated QoS, PoE LAN drop to every desktop," says John Croce, CEO, Phybridge. "By leveraging the existing single pair cable, businesses can easily deploy IP telephony and converged networks with no network downtime. It’s deployment from the organization, not vendor perspective."

Will Harris
[email protected]

Teleman Systems, Inc. 
Teleman Systems, Inc. provides high quality telephones and telephone systems to all sizes and levels of businesses at wholesale pricing. We offer both new and "like new" equipment. We carry Digital Phone Systems, Digital Telephones, Analog Phone Systems, Analog Telephones, Voicemail Systems, replacement cards, components and much more. If you have an existing telephone system and need to expand or update then we have the telephones and expansion equipment to bring you up to date. Why pay more when you can shop our store and pay hundreds less? Our goal is to provide top-notch customer service as well as high quality equipment. “Complete Dedication To Serve You Better” @ All Times: We appreciate your interest in doing business with us.
- Best pricing matrix. To help you save with a huge discount.
- We do advance replacement – You get your phone online with a replacement ASAP and we fix the one which is out of order and ship it right back to you.
- 1 Year Warranty on all of our telecom equipment
- Serve our customer with high spirit and technical know how.

Sal Jaffer
[email protected]

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Avaya to create new subsidiary focused on sales, service and solutions for U.S. Government
Avaya announced that it has created a wholly-owned subsidiary that will focus on sales, service and solutions for the U.S. Government. The new subsidiary, to be called Avaya Federal Solutions Inc., launches August 1, 2008.  Avaya Federal Solutions will include approximately 400 people dedicated to providing IP telephony, contact center, unified communications and services to meet the unique needs and requirements of the military and civilian branches of the U.S. Government. Jeff Hansen, currently vice president, Avaya’s Federal Sales division, will serve as president for the newly formed subsidiary.
Visit www.avaya.com.
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AltiGen and SYNNEX to offer complete Microsoft-based UC solution
AltiGen Communications, Inc. and SYNNEX Corporation announce their intent to offer a complete Microsoft-based unified communications solution. Through new product bundles, AltiGen and SYNNEX will offer a complete Microsoft-based unified communications solution consisting of AltiGen's recently announced next generation unified communications solution MAX Communications Server 6.0 (MAXCS 6.0), Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007, and Microsoft Windows Server running on Intel based servers. Some of the key benefits of this complete Microsoft-based unified messaging solution include: Microsoft Windows Server-based IP PBX running on Intel based servers; Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging Native Integration; voicemail delivery/management via Outlook 2007; voice access to Exchange calendar, contacts and notes; Automatic Call Distribution with Robust Call Center features; .NET based Windows Telephony Client; and simple Windows-based administration.
Visit www.altigen.com or www.synnex.com.
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Tango Networks joins Mitel Solutions Alliance
Tango Networks announced that it has joined the Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA), a comprehensive program that enables a wide range of third-party vendors to create products and services that integrate with Mitels core business communications portfolio. The Tango Networks Abrazo allows any mobile phone to become a true extension to a companys existing voice communications network. Based on a unique hybrid architecture which melds the enterprise network with the ubiquitous coverage of wireless operator networks, the Abrazo provides the benefits of extending robust PBX feature sets and policies, including least-cost routing, out to mobile phones without the need for high-end devices, handset clients or data subscriptions. "Mitel has a vast global customer base," stated Al Leo, vice president of sales and business development for Tango Networks. "Through our participation in MSA, Tango will provide Mitel customers the ability to add mobile voice to enhance their unified communications experience with the addition of an easy-to-integrate fixed-mobile convergence solution."
Visit www.tango-networks.com or www.mitel.com.
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Nortel plans Asia push for routers, switches and network gear
Nortel Networks Corp. plans aggressive growth in the Asia-Pacific region over the next two to three years, hoping to capitalize on demand for network gear and services in rapidly growing markets such as India and China. Last year, the region accounted for 16 percent of Nortel's total revenue. The company wants to see that jump to between 20 and 25 percent in the next several years.  The Toronto-based company, North America's biggest maker of telephone equipment, has picked faster network technology, next-generation WiMax wireless products and communications that integrate the phone closely with desktop computers as among its big Asian bets. To be successful, Nortel is trying to set itself apart on technology and long-term value -- instead of going head-to-head on price with low-cost Asian vendors such as Huawei Technologies.
Visit www.nortel.com.
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PBX market

Replacement sales drive world enterprise telephony market
Natural replacement remains the single most dominant trigger for new deployment in the installed base of the world enterprise telephony market. Greenfield sites are leapfrogging to IP systems. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, World Enterprise Telephony Markets, finds that the market shipped more than 48.4 million lines in 2007 and estimates this to reach 62.1 million in 2013. Central America/Latin America (CALA) is the fastest growing region followed by Asia Pacific (APAC). Both these markets have strong replacement activity in addition to greenfield deployments arising out of broad-based economic growth. North America had the slowest growth, signifying high penetration levels of IP. For the first time, IP telephony revenues exceeded TDM telephony revenues in APAC in 2007. EMEA remained the largest region in the world enterprise telephony market. Amongst tier-1 vendors, Cisco experienced the fastest growth in EMEA.
Visit www.frost.com.
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Cross teaches new Microsoft IP Telephony course at IT EXPO
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) announced that their TMC University division will offer a Microsoft Office Communications Server and Response Point training course at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO West 2008 in Los Angeles. The day-long course, which includes a 30-minute certification exam, will be held Tuesday, September 16th, day one of the three-day conference. Titled, ‘Introduction to Microsoft Office Communication Server/Response Point,’ this TMC University course offers an initial training session teaching users how to integrate Microsoft’s new enterprise Office Communication Server and small business Response Point platforms into their existing infrastructure.  The program will be taught by Thomas Cross – CEO TECHtionary.com, an innovative communications advisor with considerable expertise in market planning and development, hardware/software design and development, project management, intellectual property in telecommunications, information technology, conferencing, teletraining, telecommuting, groupware, networks, call centers, internet, artificial intelligence and other fields. This course is sponsored in part by Quintum.
Visit www.tmcnet.com, www.techtionary.com or www.quintum.com.
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Special Reseller Offer
Recently Tellfon has launched its new Reseller program. Tellfon’s new unique Reseller program consists of different channels of distribution; Dealers, Master Dealers and Distributors make up the main triad of Resellers. Anyone, anywhere who would like to add quality products and services to their repertoire and make uncapped commissions and monthly residuals are able to become resellers. Please Visit Tellfon.com for more information.



Direct Access Systems Inc- DAS- is a Polycom Platinum Partner providing our resellers the highest level of Polycom product knowledge, support and Service.
GBH Communications
The Right Equation for Conferencing




Trade better, trade with NTTN.
Only NTTN offers safe, secure and closed-end trading with dealers only - no end users! Only the NATD Guarantee backs the NTTN. Traders must adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct or lose their trading privileges. Learn more, visit http://www.natd.com/public/



Looking to make your sales representatives more effective and profitable? The JS Group’s Sales$marts Drive Time Audio CD covers a 12-step selling process that has helped sales reps obtain their maximum potential. Twelve 20-minute sessions is all it takes to have the keys to selling success. Ideal for sales representatives or sales managers.
Go to Sales$marts.



INNUA IP Telephony e-Learning Package
Sign up today for the INNUA IP Telephony e-Learning Package! Enhance your professional development with a specialized IPT course package that meets your career needs and guides you on the path to becoming a Nortel Certified Technology Specialist.
Visit innua.org/eLearning/TR/2006 for information.



NATD At Your Service

DecisionOne - www.decisionone.com

DecisionOne announces NATD partner program
Grow your revenue by expanding your technical support service offering with DecisionOne as the single point of contact for all your customers' technology challenges.
For more information, email [email protected] or call 1-800-767-2876, ext. 6641 today.


Veramark - www.veramark.com

New VeraSMART Software Release Helps Increase Productivity and Data Management
The VeraSMART® Communications Management Suite version 7.0 adds many new features and enhanced technologies designed to reduce expenses, boost productivity and enhance decision making through centralized information management.  The release includes new Telecom Expense Management (TEM) features, additional integration with the Microsoft® environment, user-configurable dashboards, and enhanced support for diverse enterprise and carrier networks.
Key features include a user-configurable, multi-step invoice approval process with dollar thresholds; enhanced vendor invoice trend monitoring; new spend and utilization analysis reporting; advanced wireless usage and exception reporting; and closed-loop verification of accounts payable data.
Phone: 585.383.6806
Fax: 585.383.6800

[email protected]

Refurb Supplies

Our new format catalog is here!
Page after page of telecom gear.

Handsets, lens and button sets too,
Your problem solvers have it here for you.

They're hot off the press,
so call today
And get a copy coming your way.

Pam, Deb and Matt are here
to help you choose
The solutions to your refurbishing blues.

Contact: Lisa Peterson
Phone: 866-789-5656
[email protected]



New! Multi-Tech’s CallFinder GSM cellular gateways route incoming and outgoing fixed line calls through lower cost wireless networks providing a substantial savings in overall telephone costs. Take advantage today and bridge your company phone system to the cellular network with our affordable solution.
Sales Contact: Scott Stroyny
Phone: 888-288-5470 x5402
Fax: 763-785-9874
[email protected]  



We did…and some other bad things as well! Panaseas has gone GREEN!

We specialize in handsets, lit packs, cords, buttons and housings.  We manufacture and sell top quality telephone parts while protecting our environment by eliminating hazardous substances from our products.

Please help support our efforts to be GREEN!

Contact:  Brian Kiep
Phone:  281-897-8430
[email protected]


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